"hunt for the labyrinth killer" premieres tonight

Tune in tonight on Lifetime at 8/7CST, as I wrote some music for this one...


 Young, ace assistant DA, Shelby Cook, works with driven cop, Mike Holland, to catch Daedalus, a serial killer infamous for luring his victims to their deaths through labyrinth traps. Three innocent men have already taken the fall for Daedalus and when Daedalus strikes again, Shelby finds herself defending the latest man accused, a retired and respected judge--who also happens to be her own father.


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the gremlin - designed


The Gremlin is a 3/4 sized acoustic guitar (classical style), with nylon and wound metal strings. 

She collected dust for years, thought of as nothing more than a novelty. But one fine day, in the mid '00s a certain young composer pulled The Gremlin from forgotten obscurity (and quite possibly saved her from that great guitar field in the sky), and the rest is history...

This is no toy. She has been lovingly added to every film score I've ever written, in some form or another.

Here, I've sampled some muted finger plucks, and then created 7 custom .nkis that are perfect for atmospheric sound design - from warm and beautiful to icy and fragile.

Introducing:  The GREMLIN - Designed

Patch List:

  • Bowed Cold
  • Echelon
  • I'll Be Your Huckleberry
  • No Man is an Island
  • Sacred
  • Six Feet Under
  • The Rattler

Kontakt 5.1 (FULL version) required. Otherwise, these patches will only work in demo mode.


Please consider donating below if you find these instruments useful.

All sounds and instruments ©2013 Blake Ewing Music. All Rights Reserved.



bent grass | spitfire audio sable strings

"Bent Grass" is new piece I've just composed to test/demonstrate the new strings sample library from Spitfire Audio - Sable Strings.

The audio below was recording using just vol.1, but I will be replacing the appropriate lines with additional parts from vol.2 and vol.3 as they're released.



spitfire audio | loegria (polyphonic legato vs sustains)

I thought I play around with the newly introduced poly-legato feature in Loegria 1.1
and see it compares to the regular sustain patches in this post.

To do this, I played in triadic chords with the sustain patches, added cc1 (mod wheel) data,
and then copied this to another track an octave lower for the low strings.

After that, I copied each of those to matching Legato tracks and adjusted each of the triad members' velocity data,
as that is how Loegria determines the polyphonic function.

Rinse and repeat for the half sections, and c'est voila!

poly-legato vs sustain

    • 0:00 - Full Sustain
    • 0:25 - Full Legato
    • 0:49 - 1/2 Section Sustain
    • 1:13 - 1/2 Section Legato



"the real st. nick" premieres tonight

Happy to announce the premiere of "The Real St. Nick" with original music by Jeff Toyne.
I orchestrated/programmed and composed additional music for this one. Tune in!

Premiering tonight on Lifetime at 10/9CST, The Real St. Nick” tells the story of Kate (Torrey DeVitto), a nurse at St. John’s Hospital. A couple of days before Christmas, a cute young man (Callard Harris) in a Santa costume is brought into her ward, unconscious. When he wakes up, he is convinced that he is Santa Claus and explains that he fell off his sleigh during a routine “test run” before Christmas. At first he is disregarded as crazy, and placed in the psychiatric wing; however everyone in the ward–patients and staff included–cannot help but feel the warmth of his Christmas spirit. 

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spitfire audio | albion 1 & 2 demos

To further show how I've personally used these two different libraries,
here are two demos that hopefully show off some strengths of each library.

Albion i

albion ii

Ultimately, I think combining the two libraries will give the most flexibility,
and offer the most variety in ensemble sizes and articulations.



spitfire audio | albion 1 & 2 (brass longs and legato)

Here is a comparison of the Albion 1 & 2 Brass Longs and Legato patches.

From Albion 1, I'm using the Horns/Bones, and from Albion 2,
I've used the Horns/Euphoniums and Sacbuts.


    • 0:00 - Albion 1 Horns/Bones Longs
    • 0:16 - Albion 2 Horns/Euphoniums Longs
    • 0:32 - Albion 2 Sacbut Longs


    • 0:51 - Albion 1 Horns/Bones Legato
    • 1:05 - Albion 2 Horns/Euphonium Legato
    • 1:19 - Albion 2 Sacbut Legato



spitfire audio | albion 1 & 2 (string shorts)

Here is a comparison of the Albion 1 & 2 String Shorts Patches.


    • 0:00 - Albion 1 Shorts
    • 0:20 - Albion 2 Shorts
    • 0:39 - Albion 1 Pizz
    • 0:59 - Albion 2 Pizz
    • 1:18 - Albion 2 Shorts (con sordino)
    • 1:37 - Albion 2 Col Legno
    • 1:57 - Albion 1 Violin1/Violin2 Ostinatum + Celli Ostinatum (Time Machine)

More comparisons to come, including horns.



spitfire audio | albion 1 & 2 (string legato)

Here is a comparison of the Albion 1 & 2 String Legato Patches.

I've divided this into high and low strings. Lines are played at the octave, depending on the patch used.

High Strings

    • 0:00 - Albion 1 Violin1/Violin2/Viola (con sordino)
    • 0:11 - Albion 1 Violin1/Violin2/Viola
    • 0:20 - Albion 1 Violin1/Violin2 (octaves)
    • 0:29 - Albion 2 High Strings
    • 0:38 - Albion 2 High Strings 1/2 Section

Low Strings

    • 0:47 - Albion 1 Cello/Bass (octaves)
    • 0:56 - Albion 2 Low Strings
    • 1:05 - Albion 2 Low Strings 1/2 Section

More string comparisons to come, including shorts.



Spitfire Audio | Albion 1 & 2 (String Longs)

Spitfire Audio has released the next iteration of their (mostly orchestral) Albion series, with Albion 2 'Loegria'.
If the focus of vol. 1 was on the epic cinematic style, vol. 2 is all about cinematic beauty and detail.

Here is a comparison of string longs from both libraries playing the same material.

Articulations in both Albion 1 & 2

    • 0:00 - Albion 1 String Longs (con sordino)
    • 0:25 - Albion 2 String Longs (con sordino)
    • 0:47 - Albion 1 String Longs
    • 1:10 - Albion 2 String Longs

Articulations in only Albion 2

    • 1:36 - Albion 2 Strings 1/2 Section
    • 1:58 - Albion 2 Strings Flautando

More string comparisons to come, including legato and shorts.